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Mon, 26 Jun 2023 15:56:49 +0200

Ursula Sabisch 


The German-language document you may find here!


Dear Ms. W...., Ladies and Gentlemen of XXXXX Customer Service,   

As discussed on the phone with Mr. W. XXXXXX regarding the above-mentioned complaint, you refuse a two-year warranty period for the battery and have accommodated us with a new order of the appropriate battery in terms of price.   

We have received a two-year warranty for the complete bike through the company XXXX GmbH and so my person would like to ask you to also make yourself known in this regard.    

The duration of the delivery of the suitable battery amounts to several weeks, as Mr. XXXX reported, so that you are very badly prepared during the warranty period on complaints and so as it seems, you can still earn at a complaint quite well!   

Actually, one should become suspicious, because my person has thoroughly searched the entire Internet for a suitable battery, but all sellers could not deliver the original battery or a replacement battery, because all these suitable batteries must first be reordered.

Either all of these batteries from XXXXXXXX have broken down over time, or you have so much sales through the XXXXXX e-bike that it is a very normal average of damaged batteries.  

Furthermore, I noticed that there are enough suitable batteries with 24 volts for the bike on the Internet, but all other batteries with 36 volts usually have a completely different shape, so that one could almost assume that during the production of the XXXXX batteries, the production was changed from the 24 volt battery to 36 volts, because the demand of the 36 volt e-bikes will be greater.   

This would also explain that when the battery was connected, the voltage was too high and some sparks flew when the battery plug was first connected to the power socket, which will mean that the 36 volt batteries will not have sufficient charging fuses, which only became apparent after several charges. 

Also, due to the process of replacing the fuse of the battery already described by my person, I again suspected that it could be a mistake in the production, which probably could have been caused by a change to a higher number of volts!  

And now we come to the greater evil, although people with a heart pacemaker or other vulnerable groups of people could possibly be harmed by the use of the battery!

Should my person not be in error, this would mean that for example you, Mrs. W......., knew about the frequency and the description of the complaints, but tried to "pull the customer over the barrel" by responding very politely and kindly to the customer, but pursuing the goal to at least not let any costs arise for the XXXXXX. 

This cannot be reproached to you, Mrs. W......., basically more, particularly since almost every employee would have had to act equally in your place, since with too much justified complaints or costs another staffing would have been selected for this task. 

Unfortunately, the job is not being thrown at you and so you have to submit to the daily routine of professional life and thus to the spirit of the times!

The same applies conditionally also to the company XXXXXXX, because the competition does not sleep and particularly the competition from the new industrialized foreign country becomes ever larger!  

Only that this business behavior cannot go on in such a way and also in this way will not go on, you and others should take quite fast to the knowledge, because now a new era is on the horizon! 

In a possible new era, it will have to be recorded very precisely who and for what purpose someone wants to purchase batteries, such as a battery for an e-bike.

Just as today a mobile vehicle needs an official license plate, just as a battery must be delivered and marked, since the chemical materials of the batteries are extremely cancer-causing for humans, if they come back into the earth, whereby particularly the tiny batteries for example for hearing aids or wrist-watches must be taken from the market!   

But now my person would like to contribute also concretely something future-oriented, so that one can learn from the committed errors. 

The bicycle is indispensable for the future and will have to become the number one means of transportation.   

This probably also includes an environmentally friendly drive motor for many a long-distance cyclist.   

Ideal would be a rechargeable battery, which can be charged to a large extent by the own body strength, which means that a bicycle distance is completed by a healthy locomotion of humans and if necessary the charged battery with engine can be used.   

Finally, my person would like to point out again, as already deposited in the Internet, that the exit from the stress world will be a matter in the working life!   

Nobody, no employee may be blackmailable in the future in such a way that she/he must sell herself/himself and her/his dignity and self-respect and in the end does not notice any more that there is a violation by lie and deception and sham to her/his business partner or to her/his customer.    

On the contrary, nowadays one also feels confirmed in one's paid activity by the fact that the violation of a clean contract agreement has succeeded vis-à-vis one's interlocutor or that sufficient advantages could be extracted.      

Last but not least, you are cherished and, of course, honored by having earned your livelihood.   

And now it becomes really important: The moral and ethical demands on an employer will have to change drastically in a future, what the Cudgel of my person will check exactly, separating the chaff from the wheat!   

My person wishes that you will check our above-mentioned complaint again to our satisfaction and will order a new battery, which is provided with a voltage fuse or charge fuse, and will give it to us at cost price if necessary!

With kind regards   

Ursula Sabisch, Empress


HP: This document must publish my person under protection of your enterprise and your person in the Internet, since you are one of millions of companies, which are equally addressed!

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We have received your request and are committed to reviewing it as quickly and comprehensively as possible. Please understand that the careful review and processing of your case may take some time in individual cases.               XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX    XXXXX

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