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Matter and Commission  of the Lord and Creator

Tue, 4 Apr 2023 19:41:35 +0200

Ursula Sabisch,

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To CreditPlus AG

Große Baeckerstr. 9

20095 Hamburg

Luebeck, April 04, 2023

Customer number 04431XXXX

Goodbye complicated. Hello feasible.

Probably a well-intentioned attempt on your part!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of CreditPlus Bank, Dear Sirs, Dear Readers,

You are once again offering my person a loan, whose by now probably have to be classified as some kind of mental decline on your part! You and all others get from my person for a long time no more credit; and not only that! The credit, which you and everybody else have received, will be canceled in the foreseeable future, what the signs of the time make clear already for a long time.

This does not bode well, because sudden and surprising but justified demands in large numbers mean mass panic on the bottom line!

For this reason my person would want to visit personally in advance some responsible persons in the matter and in the commission, whereby no guarantees are possible on the part of my person for this above mentioned execution!

You as the contact persons and all others cannot be properly healthy and this makes the matter and the commission very dangerous, since the long lost time is no longer quantifiable. For this reason my person must name now the following persons, which my person in the psychiatry in Neustadt Holstein as admitted patients there would have to visit, in order to bring clarity into the dangerous matter.

Of course there is a long list and the more criminals or mentally ill persons my person must list, since apparently the responsible public authorities do not act independently in the matter, the more strength and time will be lost to my person and not only that!

These for the time being responsible persons are:





Federal President .... and Chancellor ......, as well as Minister of Justice ...will have to visit my person in the near future in the city hall either Hamburg or Luebeck and if not differently possible, then likewise in the psychiatric hospital Neustadt in Schleswig-Holstein.

By the way: Still such a cheap and impudent ignorance on your part entails for you the execution into the closed instituion likewise!

You and everybody else have played not only with my life, but with my "life afterwards". Every contemporary witness in this matter was exactly obliged to turn either to the publice authorities or however to the persons concerned, thus preferably to my person, what would have been a matter of course and is a matter of course. Alone already the decency of a human being demands a truthful information opposite his fellow man in this respect!

Because, however, no or only very conditioned decency is available in the society, by everyone does one`s onwn thing at the expense of others, and then also still quite obviously can laid the "black Peter" on the doorstepp of others, now my person puts the rules!

Happy uh-oh, oh, Easter!

Ursula Sabisch


PS: There are enough valuable documents in the Internet, which my person has written not for herself, but particularly probably for those, which are no longer completely healthy. 

But not least also for those, whose have a right to the truth and life!

Get well soon everybody!

This document will be given to the public for the time being without designation of the concerned, because otherwise you and others will never recover!