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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany  

To the     

Psychiatric*  Service     





Luebeck, June 29, 2023/ Addition on July 04, 2023

The German-language document you may find here!


Last Call!


Dear Sir or Madam,    

My person is waiting for his hard earned pocket money and my person is waiting for the actions that are already ordered for Luebeck as well.      

The time runs away especially my person and does not wait for the kindergarten from Luebeck!        

If you and others think that my family and my person should serve you as a doormat, then learn to count your bruises daily!        

If Prince Martin should have got into any implications, with which my person will have to do rather nothing and/or only "easily remotely" approximately, which is very probable and will stand also with .............. a connection, but many other mothers also beautiful daughters have, my person can come up with the solution of the problem by the accordingly correct relations ........... also partly for the eternity!

Not only for .......... also for my ......... (garden plants) and also for ....   ....   security my person can come up with the relations.      

Also for Mrs. .........  Ruebenkoppel my person knows finally the right man related to her. (90%)

Also my ............. be mentally related, however, my person can ........... " , ............ so far no new relationship on earth recognize.        

Likewise my person can come up for already deceased in a "cornerstone position" with a mental relationship with almost 100% iger security.

Here on earth this relationship of all people will become recognizable by the super Monumental-Area, however, for this my person must probably personally also under the nets of foreign cultures.    

This and much more you must not necessarily understand everything, although it would be useful for the matter, however the main thing is that my person understands this factual situation to some extent!       

What you and others must understand, however, is that my person is never and in no situation a supplicant and my family has been at no time a doormat and were available or stand for spoiled stupid geese and stupid twerps!        

You and your kind do not know my person, but my person knows you and your kind quite well!        

You are as a rule anyway ...... and also for this reason would... I like to get to know you and others to be able to educate myself further by a world trip to the castles of the world, what will be the answer to the question about the necessary universal means, as already explained on the Internet.       

In the castles, please, as already ordered, people with severe psychoses or similar mental illnesses as well as alcohol or drug addicts will have to make themselves at home, whereby a visitor center for the relatives or friends will be necessary.    

Also, if necessary, there should be overnight accommodations in the castles for specific tour groups, such as for my person.    

But for time reasons my person would want to and must to visit also partly the psychiatric hospitals and prisons or juvenile penal institutions of the world!!!        

Gladly my person would have also companions from my family or from the neighborhood for the leisure activities with it and have also nothing against homosexual companions to object, which would be helpful in the matter of course!        

My person expects that you will immediately get Mr. ........ and family out of this danger circle by preparing him for the real situation. His Princess lives right next door and if this fuss continues much longer, we will have an imaginary .......... here permanently!    

My pocket money remains bound to the conditions, which is really difficult to implement in part concerning the abortions, however, the earth sets clear signs and no better alternative for mankind is available, than the way given to us!       

With kind regards    

Ursula Sabisch    



HP: This letter has not been written for my person, better don't confuse this, because my person doesn't care about herself in this respect!        

Please transfer the pocket money in the amount of 4,000,000 euros ........when the hunger in the world is ended and the abortions are strictly forbidden worldwide!

July 04, 2023/  September 09, 2023