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Deep Sea Areas

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Luebeck, 27 June 2024

Description of a part of the cycle of life.

Extract from the Internet:

"It could be the title of a gloomy science fiction film: The Area. However, it is not a secret restricted area in a fantasy world, but a very real area of our planet, and an extraordinarily large one at that: it covers 42 per cent of the earth's surface, including deep waters beyond national jurisdiction. No state in the world has rights of use here. The Area is defined as the common heritage of mankind, which no one may claim for themselves. A special region in these vast oceans is called the Clarion-Clipperton Zone. It is located in the Pacific Ocean between Mexico and Hawaii, measures around five million square kilometres and is larger than the European Union.

The water column in this deep sea reaches 4000 to 6000 metres down, darkness and temperatures just above freezing prevail on the sea floor. A barren, not very life-friendly environment, you might think. Far from it."

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

Today, I would like to take you on a short tour through a part of the cycle of life and activity of mankind, which of course cannot be complete, as I am not a scientist.

As can be seen from the Internet above, many countries are now interested in the overexploitation of the seabed and thus in the rights of use, as valuable and rare metals such as manganese nodules and rare earths or nickel and copper, cobalt, titanium, tellurium, tungsten and molybdenum are present there. They are all said to be urgently needed in the future, at least according to the current state of technology.

But there are also living treasures to be found in the deep sea that have unusual shapes and colours that humans have never seen before and many species have yet to be discovered.

Extract from the Internet: Growth over millions of years.

"The scientific community's reaction to these claims is unusually unanimous:

with a huge outcry.

Their conclusion: "We are destroying the last and largest intact ecosystem on earth before we have even got to know and understand it. Almost 800 researchers from more than 40 countries wrote a statement in which they called for deep sea mining to be abandoned - at least until the consequences have been comprehensively analysed. They argue that the deep sea is home to a significant proportion of the Earth's total biodiversity, although the vast majority of species have yet to be discovered and studied. Furthermore, the oceans are already under massive pressure from overfishing, pollution and the effects of climate change, and deep-sea mining would now pose a further threat."


Why are individual people with the potential for power, even if it is only due to the financial possibilities of a businessman or the greed for profit of a state's economists, allowed to jeopardise the entire ecosystem of the oceans to such an extent or, as mentioned above, influence the biodiversity of the earth and why is there actually this mysterious and difficult to access deep-sea world or fantasy world with its specially shaped creatures?

And here comes another hammer!

On the one hand, these valuable metals such as rare earths are needed for the production of rechargeable batteries, for example, and on the other hand, these technical products, which contain many substances or metals that are hazardous to the human body, are used directly by humans and have to be disposed of at some point. This is not always done legally and so such a product, including the hazardous substances, ends up in the rubbish and rots on the ground, whereby the hazardous substances can slowly seep into the soil.

During the production and processing of these metals, workers also have to breathe in some of the air or these fine substances disperse and volatilise in the atmosphere, which also causes or leads to serious illnesses in people. Much of what is needed for state-of-the-art technology and is produced using valuable metals often causes serious and life-threatening illnesses as a result of these described side effects of production and the use and disposal of the technology, which will continue to spread throughout the earth in terms of quantity. For example, there is an increase in serious illnesses such as cancer here and there, which can also affect children, which can ultimately mean that the person affected has to wait for an organ donation or that their death sentence has been pronounced.

Now the call for organ donation, for example, will become ever greater and more insistent, which will also coincide with the insatiable exploitation of the earth, including deep-sea mining.

Every day, people are mourned and have to die because of a lack of organ donations, but in other regions of the world, for example in China, people are also being cannibalised and killed almost alive because others need the organs and will pay handsomely for them.

The number of unreported cases of these crimes against humanity is high and yet the European countries are also responsible for this, because the surgery required for this comes from these areas and has been passed on to countries with different principles and a different philosophy of life. This must never go unmentioned when the question of organ donation and legitimised organ transplantation is raised in Europe, because we must know and bear in mind that such a transplantation can also be legitimised at the high cost of people who are sometimes imprisoned in distant countries.

It should not be forgotten that the deceased donor may also be affected by the fact that his or her living organ is kept alive by the transplant, whereby the vital organs belong to the spirit or soul of a person, but now the life of a seriously ill person has been saved or preserved by the donated organ.

So there is already a lot of confusion in the supra-dimensional Realm and that will not even be all. The animal is also part of Creation and has a special connection with the soul of a human being. This is, of course, a special form of merging animal and human, in that this connection can reach the supra-dimensional Realm through the soul and could currently be recreated there as a fantasy entity.

But the body of the deceased also usually returns to the earth through a burial and there it rots or putrefies with all its possible chemicals, which were often taken in as a result of illness, which also seep into the ground. This can also affect the groundwater and the next serious illness is already pre-programmed.

If we now look at the strange fantasy formations in the deep sea, we can draw some conclusions that suggest that there will be at least one good reason not to touch or even destroy this underwater world.

There must already be enough valuable metals and sufficient materials in the world that can be utilised, because with every further exploitation and processing of hazardous substances for technology, there will also be more serious illnesses!

Everyone can understand this, and so we must now put an end to the uncontrolled exploitation of the earth, the overexploitation of the deep sea and the unhealthy lifestyle of mankind.

Because in the end, what has drifted away rather informally will also come back and if everything is to take place in a more or less regulated way, with agreements between all the countries of the world, especially China, but also with respect to the Silk Road, as already mentioned and established, then the seas, rivers and oceans, including the deep sea areas, will be the "resting place" of the expected UFOs.

It would be important to mention that the old and battered structure of the Earth, including the volcanoes, can be safeguarded by the arrival of the UFOs from the super-dimensional Realm!

China and possibly Japan will also be dependent on deliveries of materials from other countries if China and possibly Japan take over the part of the Silk Road worldwide, so that all other countries on earth can get out of industrialisation, because in China the earth's structure has also already been severely damaged and thus earth collapses can occur.

This is what a small tour and cycle through a part of life looks like, but one that should definitely be recognised!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch, Empress